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Will the vaccination certificate be compulsory in the Covid-19 procedure?

Travel Tips 28.05.2021   928

Will the vaccination certificate be compulsory in the Covid-19 procedure?

Undoubtedly, activities that are perfectly normal in our daily lives have undergone many different changes since the day the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

Will the vaccination certificate be compulsory in the Covid-19 procedure? - In particular, the activities and sectors whose main activity is internationally oriented are also subject to radical change. We, as Tourwix Travel, collect information for you on many different topics in all processes of the tourism industry from A to Z and want to answer questions. In this article we are going to talk about Covid-19 and tourism, whether vaccination is required on international flights or what procedures are required when traveling internationally.

Can Covid-19 be controlled with vaccines?

We can say that the summer months of 2021, the second summer season in the shadow of Covid-19, are relatively under control compared to 2020 when the Corona Virus first appeared. In 2020 in particular, the still quite high restrictions and bans almost normalized again in 2021 thanks to the vaccines developed. Thanks to vaccines, the relatively controllable rate of spread of the virus has decreased significantly. Depending on this situation, certain normalization processes have started in all countries of the world. We know that many countries around the world are severely restricting their international flights. So what will be the new normal with more than 3 billion vaccine doses in the world by July 2021? In this article, we examine the normalization decisions that can be made based on the assertions of international organizations such as IATA (International Air Transport Association) and air service providers such as Turkish Airlines.

Will global travel activities return to normal?

In particular, sector-based organizations like IATA and governments continue to work to create a new order and privatize end-users. We can sum up all of this as the lifting of travel restrictions, at least for those who have an internationally and conditionally accepted Covid-19 vaccine after Covid-19. Consistent with the statements made by the companies, organizations and governments listed above, it appears that global travel activity for vaccinated individuals will return to normal:


What is a vaccine passport?

There is only one issue on the world agenda and that is the "vaccine passport". Based on what airlines, financial organizations and governments have said, we can provide some answers to the question of what a vaccination record is. According to the current status, the vaccination pass is being put into operation as a mobile application. Judging by the information provided by the IATA, the necessary information is integrated into the personally logged-in mobile applications. Accordingly, it will be easily possible to check at the country entrances whether the user is vaccinated, the results of the Covid-19 test, whether he is in contact or not, or whether he is at risk. There are rumors that if necessary, Covid-19 test centers can even be set up at the departure or arrival points of passengers. A digital vaccination certificate should be created for every passenger.

Who is currently applying for the vaccination certificate?

Many of the leading airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Pegasus, Qatar Airlines, Malaysia Airlines are currently testing this application and working to bring it into real life. It seems that the application for the vaccination pass, which is still in the test phase and has not yet been officially decided, will be clarified in the coming days.

We, as Tourwix Travel, continue our efforts to remove the question marks that can appear in the minds of our customers who receive the latest service at every point of their travel activities. You can be kept informed by following us for developments and updated information in tourist activities.

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